AgroMax Supplies innovative and sustainable agricultural solutions to small and large scale farmers.  through adopting modern technics of farming from Israel that have been tested and have been proven effective.

AgroMax has developed hands-on learning programs that are designed to effectively transform the farmers’ mind-set throughout the agricultural value chains and innovative systems for profitable and sustainable engagement of communities in agricultural practice.


Crop Production and Nursery Management

  1. Vegetable and fruit
  2. Tissue culture genetics
  3. Agronomy and Root crops
  4. Organic Farming

Livestock production

  1. Diary Production
  2. Animal breeding and nutrition
  3. Poultry

The Food Chain

  1. Pre and Post harvesting
  2. Food conservation and processing
  3. Agricultural Harvests and Marketing
  4. Agribusiness (Entrepreneurship)
  5. Farm Business Administration
  6. Quality and Sport Control

Ongoing Training Courses

Three Months Programme Certification

Lessons on the decisions involved in organizing and operating a farm for maximum production and profit. Course content includes Business planning, Marketing fundamentals, Financial planning, Production planning and control

Six Months Programme Certification

The relatively closed environment of a greenhouse has its own unique management requirements. Course content involves ;Types of green houses, Construction and maintenance, Greenhouse climate control, Media preparation, Transplanting, Plant nutrition management and Crop protection etc
The course content is designed to produce seedlings grown under favourable. conditions until they are ready for planting a) Seedling or sowing b) Growth medium c) Disease and pest control d) Watering and fertilizer application e) Hardening f) Potato apical cutting production
Irrigation engineering deals with the analysis and design of irrigation systems. This involves planning and operation of irrigation systems, irrigation methods, soil-water relations, design of irrigation systems.

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