Green Houses

Professional Galvanized greenhouse structures that come in standard sizes, custom design, irrigation unit and accessories with an entrance chamber for better crop protection, safety and storage. They have PVC gutters for rain water harvesting. 

These are tailor made to suit the needs of the small- and large-scale farmer protecting the crops from damaging pests and diseases. We have a variety of sizes ranging from simple tunnels to shade nets but each greenhouse kit comes complete with installation and training to help the farmer understand the system

Supply Of Quality Inputs

AgroMax has specialised in supply of high-quality agricultural products like Dam liners for construction of water reservoirs, Agro weave mulch. Used for control of weeds and preserves moisture in the soil, Coco peat, Seedlings trays, Shade nets and Grain storage solution.

Irrigation Equipment

We offer a modern selection of sustainable easy to use and affordable irrigation solutions to fit the needs of small- large scale farmers including training and extension. 
Drip irrigation kits for small scale farmers (“do it yourself kits”) covering ¼ ,1/2, and 1 acre. The kits drastically boost yields creating 3-4 seasons annual cycle and increased farmers income. Drip irrigation that uses water and fertilizer and for groups we offer pressurized drip irrigation systems
Water silos; These are made of steel metal supplied in small and big units that can supply water to a very large area of land.
Dam liners for construction of water reservoirs