Fostering Partnerships for accelerated growth and social economic impact.

AgroMax offers innovative and sustainable project implementation and delivery mechanisms that scale up project performance through the use of dynamic strategies tailored to suit the cultural diversities in the country.
With the commitment to engage communities in different aspects of modern agriculture, AgroMax is also committed to empowering  communities  in productive, behavioral and life changing practices that are self-sustaining to the individual beneficiaries which have built local talent and empowered women and youth in collective decision-making processes, and active creation of income generating activities empowering self-sufficiency.

  To date , over 3,ooo lives have been transformed from abject poverty to sustainable daily income.

AgroMax has served as a capacity building and implementation partner for various projects, as well as undertaking hands-on training, building of infrastructures, site management, commercial nurseries management, agroforestry, apiary, aquaculture, coffee and banana growing.

Nursery management

AgroMax applies effective nursery management strategies at every level of the process for productive output and supply of healthy seedlings to ready farmers.

Our nurseries located in various locations,  specialise in equipping farmers with the necessary skills and knowledge of managing nurseries these including:
  1. Nutrient Management
  2. Propagation
  3. Crop protection